Is it art, or is it a crime? When the topic of graffiti comes up at dinner parties these days, that question might be at the center of the discussion. But this was certainly not always the case. Graffiti has always been around — examples still exist dating back to ancient Egypt — but its specific meaning and purpose seems to be as diverse as the cultures and people that produce it. But one thing has always been true — graffiti exists as a record of voices that might otherwise have been lost. Either way, there is always something, by definition, illicit about graffiti. A commissioned mural, even if in the style of graffiti artists, is not graffiti. Every city in the developed world has specific laws against graffiti, defining it as a form of vandalism, yet it persists as a mode of expression in every culture.

A mysterious date with Anser’s Crowded Kingdom

Street art is unofficial and independent visual art created in public locations for public visibility. Street art is associated with the terms “independent art”, “post- graffiti “, “neo-graffiti”, and guerrilla art. Street art is a form of artwork that is displayed in public on surrounding buildings, on streets, trains, and on other publicly viewed surfaces. Many instances come in the form of guerrilla art, which is intended to make a personal statement about the society that the artist lives within.

The work has moved from the beginnings of graffiti and vandalism to new modes where artists work to bring messages, or just beauty, to an audience.

His most rewarding job, to-date, is a giant mural at Vision Sports Centre in Calgary, which he happened to land by doing some pro bono graffiti art.

This is his first major exhibit in over six years and features new renditions of the Mysterious Date face. The gallery is comfortable and brightly lit, and showcases two rooms of portraits done on a variety of mediums. The installations in the first room are the Mysterious Dates painted over hanging brickwork canvases and are amongst the largest works in Crowded Kingdom. The pieces here are done on glass, paper, and wood, and many are framed. They are placed closely together, and it is difficult to not be entirely captivated as your eye travels through the diverse colors and prints.

The Mysterious Date face has been through its own evolution. This style can be seen in much of his original street work.

Devotee Graffiti Artist Brings Positive Influence to Youths’ Lives

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Much of what can now be defined as modern street art has well-documented origins dating from New York City’s graffiti boom, with its infancy in the s.

A graffiti artist who began his craft by tagging trains as a teenager in the s is now cashing in on the art form’s rise in popularity. Melbourne’s Ashley Goudie first picked up a spray can when he was 14 after watching ‘Beat Street’ – a movie about the graffiti scene. After six years of risking his life in train corridors and avoiding school to paint, he put his markers down to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

Scroll down for video. Ashley Goudie pictured is the owner, founder and sole painter of K. L keeping it legal Productions in Victoria and has retired his illegal train tag for good. Mr Goudie produced these characters for a gym. There were three of the characters in total all three of them are aimed to help push gym-goers to their limit. The graffiti artist is now commissioned to add feature walls to peoples homes, like this colourful piece in a new house in Victoria.

In he was reminded of his love of graffiti art when a friend asked him to paint for him.

Street art

One of the most prolific graffiti writers this city has ever produced talks up the appropriation of private property for art’s sake. Established art buyers mingle with artists, art critics, and a mass of excited young fans. I catch up with Anser by telephone a few days later, the anonymous artist calling from an undisclosed location.

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T he case of Kristian Holmes, the graffiti artist jailed this week for three and a half years after being convicted of 39 incidents of criminal damage and perverting the course of justice, brings back vivid memories for me. Like him, I led a double life — respectable job by day, graffiti artist by night. Like him, I’m a dad. And like him, I was caught and sent to prison. I was sentenced to 16 months, of which I served four months in HMP Wormwood Scrubs and four months on home detention curfew, with the remainder to serve on licence.

I find it interesting that Stuart Hall, the entertainer who was convicted of child abuse this week , got only 15 months. It seems to me that the courts value property more than they value the scarred life of a child. There’s a similar double-standard within graffiti art. Banksy will draw on the side of a building and the councils will protect him; they will fight over the piece of work going to a gallery because they want it to stay in their community.

However, if another graffiti artist comes along, tags on that wall, the council will expect a criminal conviction. If Banksy got arrested and went to court I wonder whether he would suffer the same fate as Kristian Holmes? I doubt it. So when does graffiti become a crime?

Shitty Graffiti Artist Captures 19-Year-Old Girl’s Heart

Banksy , born ? Using stencils since to enhance his speed, he developed a distinctive iconography of highly recognizable images, such as rats and policemen, that communicated his antiauthoritarian message. With wry wit and stealth, Banksy merged graffiti art with installation and performance. In Bristol , England , in he depicted a naked man clinging to a windowsill on the side of a public family-planning clinic; local residents voted to keep the mural. It featured animatronics, oil paintings, and an old ice-cream truck.

A successful property surveyor was jailed this week after his secret life as a tagger was uncovered. But he wasn’t unusual – lots of us are.

Have you ever been to an art museum or gallery? If you look closely, you might see art all around you. It may be on walls or buildings outside. You might even see art on trains and tunnels. This public form of art is called graffiti! Keep reading to decide what you think. Graffiti is images or words scratched or painted on property. It includes any type of public markings. Graffiti can be as simple as written words or as complex as intricate paintings.

Examples of graffiti date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. This ancient graffiti often had love messages, political slogans , and popular quotes. Today, graffiti is usually done with spray paint or marker pens. This is why many people consider graffiti to be a crime.

A Lesson in Street Art: how a movement morphed out of graffiti and into the art world (Part I)

Street art is a relatively new movement that is becoming more and more prolific in the art world. In this lesson, we will explore the history of graffiti, which is what street art is born out of, and then explore how street art has become what it is today. Looking at the history of graffiti is critical to understand the nuances of graffiti vs. At the end of the lesson, students should have a better understanding of how graffiti paved the way for street art.

They should also be able to think critically about an artwork to determine ways in which it is more kin to graffiti or street art.

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Top 5 street artists in the art world- Part II. Slapped together by Chad with help from Schmoo. Note that this list is quite dated and somewhat NYC-centric. So terms in use in your area may well be different. A newer glossary has been compiled by th Street. An effort has been made to keep to some of the history of each word, its origins and its current application to graffiti culture.

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